Has The Market Truly Turned Bullish?

From Elliott Wave International:

From March 17 through April 11, 14 out of 17 days began with an up gap in the S&P futures; and from April 19 through May 2, the day of the top, 8 out of 9 trading days began with an up gap."

But, of course, there were no such headlines. I don't recall reading a word about it anywhere. It would have been a story worth reporting. Done properly, it could have included a quote like this from a 30-year market pro:

"The March-April rally was one of the most passionate bouts of stock buying I have ever witnessed.... Investors wanted stocks so insistently that they paid above the previous day's close more often than at any time I can remember."


Several factors are coming together in this market that I do not like:

A nearly euphoric market view due to the band-aid that was applied to Greek finances.
The gold bond ratio remains extreme at a reading over 12 and is climbing again.
VIX remains elevated.

And a potential earthquake black swan event is on the horizon - Japan may again be the target as some of the same solar conditions that occurred in March are showing up again.

Let's hope this is simply dark pondering rather than reality.


  1. Your insight is correct PW

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