Rising Wedge?

A bearish formation of the S&P seems to be forming:

The trend appears close to breaking downward. Or am I seeing things?


  1. Afternoon PW, Are you suggesting a short play here sir? Or a trap.

    Be well and thank you for all you do


  2. Update for you PW Looks like someone got scared shitless:

    **Attorney General Zoeller supports rehearing in Fourth Amendment case**


  3. Thank you for your comments Bill.
    That the Attorney General is looking at rehearing this case is very positive news for civil liberties. Of course it actually needs to happen and not remain just talk.

    As to the rising wedge, I am not too inclined to give investment advice. The only thing I am confident in the long term is bullion. My suspicion is that we will see a substantial short term correction to 1225 or lower on the S&P, but I have been wrong with these views before.


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