I, The People

It increasingly appears that we have been had over the Libyan war.

Recall how President Clinton avoided the Rwandan conflict while 800,000 people were murdered. Now the Ivory Coast appears to be in the early stages of civil war and no one is calling for US military intervention.

Hmmm, I wonder why Libya is so different........?

By engaging in the Libyan conflict without congressional approval, Obama has crumbled up the constitution and thrown it out the window.
The United States has no gone from "We, The People" to "I, The People".

These actions have Fascism aka right wing Socialism written all over them.

A further danger as we go down this path, is that the deflationary environment that still dominates the economy will transform into a hyper-inflationary one.
The time-line on this is uncertain, but a bond market collapse would need to occur first.
In my view, the danger has increased from under 1% probability to perhaps 5%. The events of the next few months will give us a better indication of the ultimate outcome.
The more immediate danger is the attack on civil liberties and human life that war inevitably brings.