Government Shutdown - A Lesson From History

Government shutdown affects you

We're going to answer those one by one. If the shutdown happens, for troops on the front lines, it'll be fight now, get paid later. As budget negotiations wear on, 50 Senators are pushing for continued pay for the military if the federal government shuts down on Friday – just over 24 hours from now. The bipartisan effort, led by Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-Texas), would simply make sure that our troops and their families would not see an interruption in their pay if there is a funding gap as a result of the shutdown. You can find details of the bill here: S. 724, Ensuring Pay for Our Military Act of 2011.


The threat of federal government shutdown brought to mind a lesson from ancient history.
Back then, another great empire was having financial problems due to overspending and over-extension.
To maintain its influence over far away land it was forced to hire barbarian mercenaries.
The barbarians were so barbaric that they did not want to be paid in the debased coinage of the empire.
They would only fight if they were paid in gold.
Hence the origin of the phrase "barbarous relic" when one refers to gold.

That ancient empire was Rome.

How long will it be before history repeats and our soldiers will demand the ancient safe haven of gold?


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