Dark Forces Rising In Ireland

The dark forces of Socialism are at it again in Ireland.

The Irish are going to regret getting tricked into joining the Euro along with the accompanying loss of sovereignty.

Property Tax To Be Imposed
THE Government has been ordered by the EU/IMF to impose a property tax on all homeowners within a year.

The controversial annual tax is expected to be announced in December's Budget -- even though it was not in the Programme for Government.

The imposition of the tax and the precise timeline for its roll-out are key requirements for Ireland to avail of the EU/IMF €85bn bailout package.

And the Department of the Environment confirmed that the tax will rise within a year of being introduced.

So if the IMF (International Monetary Fascists) provide funding to help Ireland "save" their irresponsible banks, everyone who is a property owner in Ireland will pay for it.

Where is the liberty in this?

Isn't Socialism supposed to be the "caring" system of government?

Today it appears to be the "robbing the poor to give to the wealthy banker" type of government.