Not Quite Out Of The Woods

The power of nature can overwhelm the best laid plans of men.

We need to watch the activity happening on the sun presently as yet another large solar flare generating sunspot is forming.  This may not effect things here on earth, but is a reminder that unexpected factors can pop up suddenly and have significant impact on our daily lives and our investment portfolios.  I like to refer to these events as "uncertainty" rather than risk since often they are unquantifiable.

From Spaceweather.

HERE COMES TROUBLE? A big sunspot is emerging over the sun's southeastern limb, and it is crackling with activity. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded a surge of extreme ultraviolet radiation from the sunspot's magnetic canopy on March 21st.
This appears to be the return of old sunspot 1165, last seen in early March when it formed on the sun's southwestern limb. Since then it has been transiting the far side of the sun, apparently growing in size and restlessness. The potential for trouble will become more clear in the hours ahead as the active region emerges in full. Stay tuned.


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