March 18 Connections

My own forecast, combined with the preceding video, had convinced me today to buy puts. Unfortunately, my trading account is behaving quite uncooperatively just in time for options expiration and will not be corrected until next week. Oh the joy of technology.

The situation in Japan appears to be deteriorating, and if the preceding earthquake forecast is accurate, we could see more trouble within the week.

Much like the tumblers on a combination lock, there appear to be a number of factors lining up as our March 18 Collapse Day deadline approaches.

Earthquakes were not a factor in my initial calculations back in November 2009, but now they could be a major contributor to movement of investor sentiment.

Whether significant earthquakes will continue to plague us in the next few weeks is unknown. The warning from the Institute of Physics of the Earth concerning the United States and Mexico is worth considering.

Perhaps nothing will come of these reports, even so, it is always wise to be prepared.

Please take a moment to remember the people of Japan in your prayers today as they are suffering from the worst disaster to strike their nation since the atomic bomb.


  1. Hey PW, check this out!

    For those interested, I wrote an article that I think pretty much nailed the whole Nuclear Situation in Japan, and Zero Hedge picked up on it and published it. Lil' ol' Hawaii Trading getting published on Zero Hedge, that is cool.

    Check it out here

    And here is Hawaii Trading, maybe you have seen it before


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