Earthquake Tsunami Solar Flare Connection?

The devastating 8.9 level earthquake in Japan that triggered a Tsunami seems to coincide with some major solar activity.

Checkout this site: Spaceweather

A significant solar flare, rated at 1.5 on the X class solar flare scale was unleashed on March 9th. For more on the solar flare scale click here.

There appears to be a link, or at least correlation, between large solar flares and earthquake activity.

When we remember the terrible 6.1 magnitude quake in Haiti on Jan 20, 2009, it occurred shortly after a weaker M class flare that happened the day before.

Huge solar flare coincides with another quake.

Perhaps what is most troubling about this link and the flare the happened in February just before the New Zealand quake, is that the sun is approaching solar maximum within the next two years or so.

If this hypothesis is true, the sun may be just warming up to send more flares our direction, and there is potential to see substantial disruptions to our normal activities.

Preparedness certainly would be one way in dealing with this unhappy thought.

Some suggestions for preparations follow:
 (strategy 4)


  1. Truly amazing PW


  2. I agree. There seems to be a connection. We just had a major cme a few days ago, and saw red in the sky in 20 of the united states!


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