Bernanke's Nightmare - Ron Paul

Contrary to popular belief that the current commodity bubble caused by hot money flows is Bernanke's worst nightmare, the reality is Ron Paul has Benny's number.

Once Rep. Paul starts poking around and lifting the right rock, the ponzi scheme will become obvious.
How long this will take is an open question.
It is interesting that the first major meeting that Bernanke will attend with Rep. Paul is happening in March.
That happens to be very close the the March 18th date that we examined in the post Collapse Day.
Will this meeting have any impact on our current system?
We will soon find out.


  1. Those drum beats are getting louder PW.

    Hope all is well


  2. Thanks for the link Bill.

    This ties in well to some of my previous posts about Soros, the IMF and the elite who want to push SDRs down our throats.
    They must not be allowed to succeed.


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