Its Hard To Keep A Good Metal Down

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Once again, the central planners have ridden in on their white horse to the rescue with 720 billion Euros of borrowed money in their back pocket.

This time it is not the US Fed "saving" the banking system with 700 billion dollars, but the "EuroFeds" of Europe "saving us" from a Sovereign debt crisis.

It remains to be seen whether the market will buy into this next ponzi scheme.

Gold seems to be telling us that it is no longer a believer. Certain central banks, seem to indicate they have converted to new faith in Specie rather than Fiat money (think of China, Russia, and India).

However, fraudulent systems can last longer than we expect, so I do not anticipate a severe melt down until this winter at the earliest.

In fact I will go out on a limb here and choose the later part of March 2011 as "collapse date". At a later date we will outline why, in my view, this is an important time frame.


  1. PW, March 2011 as a collapse date? Are you 100% sure? I believe that a dollar collapse is definitely coming within five years. Your post for this comment will definitely be an interesting read.

  2. I am barely 50% sure of this. In my estimation, we will see a dramatic stock market collapse first, then a series of currency collapses as deranged central bankers globally attempt to "revive" their respective economies.

  3. Hi PW - Just found your blog through a Marketwatch comment. Will do a scan of your previous archives to refresh before adding any responses. Do believe you have provided a forum for discussion that will enlighten all who partake. Thanks from balmy FL! Al


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