Yet Another Warning From The Bond Market

Greek Default Unavoidable Without More Aid, Jen Says (Update2)

By Anchalee Worrachate

April 7 (Bloomberg) -- Greece may default on its debt as early as this year without “extraordinary” financial assistance from the European Union and International Monetary Fund, said Stephen Jen at BlueGold Capital Management LLP.

The challenges facing Greece are similar to those that confronted Argentina, which defaulted on $95 billion of debt in 2001, as the government enacts austerity measures to narrow the European Union’s biggest budget deficit, Jen, managing director at the hedge fund, said today in an interview in London. That may drive the Mediterranean nation into a recession, he said.

“A default may be ultimately unavoidable,” Jen said. “That eventuality may only be postponed by aid many times bigger than the 25 billion euros ($33 billion) people have in mind.” Any assistance needs to “impress the market,” he said.

Greek bonds fell for a second day, driving the premium investors demand to hold 10-year securities instead of benchmark German bunds to 407 basis points, the most since 1998. Market News International said yesterday the country wants to bypass IMF involvement in any EU-sponsored rescue because terms for aid would be too stringent. A Greek government spokesman denied the nation aims to exclude the IMF.

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We are receiving repeated warnings from the bond market and now gold (up $14 today to $1150), that trouble is brewing.
Will we listen and act accordingly?


  1. Does that mean you are shorting, are you putting your money where your mouth is ?

  2. I am currently holding:
    Very few stocks and no bonds.

  3. If you are not shorting or holding stocks that means you don't believe in what you put up on your website. Isn't that contradicting ?


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