The Pathological State Is Growing

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Greece targets church in massive tax grab

GREECE is cracking down on major cash transactions and will impose a high levy on the influential Orthodox church in a scramble to boost tax revenue in the face of a debt crisis.

A new draft bill to be tabled in parliament next week imposes a 20 per cent tax on the Orthodox church's real estate income, reportedly worth over 10 million euros ($14.8 million) a year.

It also outlaws all business transactions of more than 1500 euros ($2220) conducted in cash, prescribing instead the use of credit cards and urging consumers to collect receipts in an effort to stamp out tax evasion that costs the state an estimated 10 billion euros ($14.8 billion) a year.

"The goal of our tax policy is a simple and fair system with uniform rules and without unjustified exceptions," the finance ministry said in its report to parliament.

"Our immediate priority is to deal with tax evasion, which is possibly the worst form of injustice in our tax system that hampers the operation of the state," the ministry said.


As we discussed in past posts here, the Pathological State appears to be growing.

The Greek State now proposes to tax the church.
They want to restrict cash transactions to enhance tax revenues.
Over time it seems to this blogger, that the State has grown so large that is suppresses every other aspect of society.
Does any one else see serious abuses of civil liberties developing here as the State grows and requires tax revenues to feed the beast?