Somethings Up In Iran

From: The Dallas Morning News

Mysterious Bush-Bush-Obama meeting at the Oval Office this morning
10:08 AM Sat, Jan 30, 2010

President Barack Obama hosted a pair of Bushes this morning in the Oval Office: former President George H.W. Bush and his son, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush. Two weeks ago, Jeb's brother, former President George W. Bush, was at the White House talking about Haiti relief with Obama and ex-President Bill Clinton.
The White House described it as a social call, but feel free to speculate. Jeb Bush's presence was unexpected -- the White House hadn't said anything about him being invited. It's all very... bipartisan.

From CNS News:

( – Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that Feb. 11 would mark the demise of “the liberal capitalist system,” adding that its champion, America, was on the decline and that Iran and its Islamic Revolution were on the rise.

According to a Jan. 28 translation from BBC Monitoring Middle East, Ahmadinejad spoke on official Iranian television, saying that this year’s “Ten Days of Dawn” celebration, marking the anniversary of the country’s Islamic Revolution, would see the “demise” of the American system.

“I believe that 22 Bahman [ February 11 in the Persian calendar] this year marks the demise of the liberal capitalist system.” Ahmadinejad said.

The controversial Iranian president explained that, 30 years ago, Iran was merely trying to consolidate its newly minted revolution. Today, however, the country was quickly moving to overtake what he claimed was a declining United States.

Ahmadinejad further said that the West, particularly the United States, had been the “biggest historical impediment” to the Islamic Revolution.

“The arrogant and hegemonic powers, which mankind experienced in the past 300 years – and past 60 years in particular – have been the biggest historical impediment in the face of fulfillment of this goal,” he said, according to the BBC.

The fiery Iranian leader predicted the “end” of American “civilization.”

“This means the end of a civilization, the end of a thought, and the end of a system,” said Ahmadinejad.


What is Ahmadinejad up to this time?
Planning on blocking the straits of Hormuz?
If so, this could send the price of crude oil through the roof.

Stranger still is the timing of these comments. With the planet Mars, symbolizing the Roman & Babylonian god of war brightly crossing the sky toward the constellation Leo.

See Sky map here.

Odd coincidence.


  1. What"liberal capitalistic system" is he talking about?We had that in 19th century.Since the start of WW1 we have Fascist capitalistic system.Especially after the beginning of Great Depression.
    And with God´s help,I hope,we will go back to Gold money,truly free market and respect for private property.
    Since he is also Fascist,he should shut up and educate himself first.


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