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Iranian official asks Pakistan for help in release of kidnapped diplomats 

Iranian official asks Pakistan for help in release of kidnapped diplomats
During the meeting with his Pakistani counterpart Fahmida Mirza, who is on visit to Tehran,  Iranian Parliamentary Speaker Ali Larijani has asked her to increase efforts to find and release the Iranian diplomats kidnapped in this country, Mehr reported.

One of these diplomats trade attaché of the Iranian consulate in Peshawar Hashmatullah Attarzade was kidnapped in November 2008. The driver of the diplomat was killed.
The Iranian parliament supports development of the relations between the two countries, he said. "There is no obstacle to develop political, parliamentary, cross-cultural and economic relations," he added.
Mrs.Mirza launched her six-day visit to Iran upon her Iranian Counterpart Ali Larijani's invitation Feb.3. During her visit, Mrs. Mirza is expected to meet with President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and other Iranian officials.


Are we seeing the genesis of a new relationship between Pakistan & Iran?
One has nuclear weapons, one wants nuclear weapons (but for peaceful purposes!)
One is strategically located to control the straits of Hormuz where much of the Middle East's crude oil passes through.
This new relationship is one to watch.



  1. Probably kidnapped by the CIA who have a big presence in Pakistan. The Iranian's are probably just trying to find out who has him.


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