Managing Anxiety - Strategy 5

One of the difficulties we face as human beings is coming to grips with a world that has changed significantly from what was once familiar.  As we examined in an earlier post, 2010 a Year of Preparation, there are certain physical and financial strategies we can follow to alleviate anxiety in the new reality.

Another important strategy is to cope with our emotions in this time of great adjustment.

We suggest the reader reflect upon the Five Stages of Grief, also known as Kubler-Ross model.  Although originally intended for people coping with the illness or death of a family member, it is quite appropriate for other major life events such as foreclosure, job loss or large drop of income.

The five stages are:
  • Denial - this can't be happening to me!
  • Anger - why has this happened, it is so unfair.
  • Bargaining - I promise to be a better person or go to church or spend more time with my family if ....
  • Depression - I don't care anymore or I can't go on like this or I have feelings of numbness and lethargy.
  • Acceptance - I am resolved to face whatever else may come out of this bad situation.

It is considered quite normal for someone facing a difficult life event to begin to go through the process and get stuck at one particular stage or even go back to an earlier stage of grief.

Since the financial crisis is one of the greatest stressor events in generations, we expect that many investors, homeowners, and the public at large are coping with various kinds of loss.

It is these times that force us to reflect on what is truly important in life - family, community and faith.
Let us remember that they are also our primary means of emotional support.

Reflection of the day:

Quoting 18th century Scottish historian Alexander Fraser Tytler: "The average life span of the world's greatest civilizations has been 200 years" progressing from "bondage to spiritual faith ... to great courage ... to liberty ... to abundance ... to selfishness ... to complacency ... to apathy ... to dependence and ... back into bondage!"