Power Elite Agenda

An October interview with George Soros reveals in surprising detail some of the plans of the elite for a new financial system.

Watch the 10 minute video here:

George Soros Interview

The full video with the Financial Times is here:

Soros full interview

Some excerpts and paraphrases:

Soros: "bring China into the New World Order" then he adds "Financial"

Me: Why do members of the elite keep using this phrase New World Order?

Soros: "An orderly decline of the dollar is desirable"

Me: Desirable to whom?

Soros: "The IMF Special Drawing Rights (SDR's) give you the makings of a system"
"We can internationally create currency through SDR's."

Me: Why would we want an international currency? Doesn't this essentially eliminate the sovereignty of every nation that participates?

Soros: "It is in our interest to reform the system"

Me: Who is our??

Soros: "China will replace the US as the motor of the world economy"

Me: So the plan is to have communist China with all its human rights abuses replace the US as the motor of the world economy? Currently, China has a GDP only one third the size of the US. Does this mean that the US economy will shrink dramatically as China's grows? Is that "the plan"?

Soros: "we will have a managed decline of the US dollar"

Me: Managed by whom?

Soros: "a basically bankrupt banking system has to earn its way out of a hole"

Me: In my experience, there is no way for a bankrupt firm to earn its way out of insolvency. The bad debt has to acknowledged and written off.
As Bill Bonner puts it "The private sector debt crisis of 2008-2009 will almost certainly lead to a public sector debt crisis sometime between now and eternity, if not sooner."
All that has happened with the bank bailout, is that bankrupt firms are allowed to operate in a zombie-like fashion, while much of the debt (and risk) has been transferred to the public sector and taxpayer. According to my calculations, we are at a point when many nations will be unable to raise taxes high enough, or grow fast enough to repay the debts and unfunded liabilities owing. Those debts will default.

In my view, the power elite have their own interests at heart and will try to create a global central bank and currency. This concentrates global power into their hands. It will not matter whether there is some form of pseudo democracy, or fascism or socialism, the powerful will have global access to markets without barriers or human rights to worry about.
All that is required is the right kind of crisis. With enough panic and fear they could push the agenda forward.
Consider this quote from a key member of the Democratic Party, Rahm Emanuel:

Quoted in the NY Times in November 2008
“Rule one: Never allow a crisis to go to waste,” Mr. Emanuel said in an interview on Sunday. “They are opportunities to do big things.”

In my view, they will not succeed. There is momentum growing as the public slowly realizes they are constantly being manipulated with false information.
Climategate is a recent example. The doubts about global warming are growing as temperatures have not risen over the past 10 years. None of the climate models account for this measurable phenomenon. It is my belief that as the public increasingly turns to alternative news sources, they will awaken from complacency and not allow the power elite to implement their agenda.