A Temporary Stay of Execution for the Economy

Temporary Stay of Execution

Better economic numbers keep the plebeians hopeful.
Strong incentives exist for government to release less negative numbers and revise them downward later.
The US does this all the time eg: Jobs loss report just release states 539,000 jobs lost, but once you net out revisions the loss is 605,000.
See W.John Williams Shadowstats website here: http://www.shadowstats.com/

Why should we still be concerned about the state of the economy?
What has changed in the economy?
Have there been structural changes to improve efficiencies or reallocate labour effectively?
Or is this only an inventory recession?
What about systemic risk in banking, has it disappeared and we are all better now?
If the economy is better, why is the US dollar index dropping?
Why are bond yields (and hence long term interest rates) rising?

I believe we still need to adopt strategies to ride out a very long, tough recession.

Part 3 in the Strategies series will be posted shortly.